The Darkness of Fear

In darkness lurks a thing called fear

It stalks the heart; tells lies to ears

And as it grows from just one seed

It buries deep our faith and peace.


Fear controls the lives of all

That let him in and heed his call

That lying voice that says “You’ll fail”

A darkened whisper that says “You’re ill.”


“Don’t travel to that longed for place,

The plane might crash, you won’t be safe!”

"Avoid the sea for you might drown"

"Don't ride that horse, You just might fall."

And as fear prospers in our soul

Abilities take a terrible toll

Gifts and talents once in bloom

Now buried deep in fear-filled gloom.


Fear tells us that God can't be trusted

For He allows bad things to happen

It says "take action; you'll save the day!"

"Save those you love from all dismay ."


But as we struggle to play God

Anxiety grows from fear's dark fraud 

Controlling life is a tall order

The more we try; The more disorder.


For our God's ways are sovereign and true                

He wants us to trust; see things from His view

To stop fearing  things that probably won't happen

To pray and let go; Allow God to take action.

A spirit of fear is not from our God        
But power and love and sound minds from above 
He's holding out peace and freedom from fear
To live life fulfilled with God walking near.

Fear not the future, nor sickness or death

Hold only to God who gives us our breath

He has a plan that no man can know

We see in part; He sees the whole.


Faith and Fear cannot abide

Which 'er is grasped, to that we’ll slide

And in that choice we rise or fall

So walk on fear, in Faith stand tall.

By Rhonda Shelford Jansen


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