American Strong - Boston Strong

“Although the world is full of suffering, it’s also full of the overcoming of it.”

Helen Keller


The recent terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon left our country shaken to its core and grieving deeply for our loss of innocence and security.  We’re grieving openly and collectively for those who lost their lives and the families that will forever be missing one member.  We’re grieving for the maimed and wounded who’s wonderfully normal lives were changed drastically and permanently with the explosion of the first bomb.

Many of us are struggling with a foreboding of vulnerability wondering where and when the next terrorist attack will kill or wound innocent people going about their daily activities.  Some are wondering how radically our daily lives should be/will be altered if terrorist attack start happening with  more frequency.

Americans know that the Boston Marathon terrorist bomb could have been detonated in any city across the USA.  We understand that “there but for the grace of God go I.”  And because of this knowledge we wake up at night worrying and during the day we talk to friends, co-workers, family, and neighbors attempting to find strength in our shared vulnerability, and we find it.  There is strength in our communal grieving and shared vulnerability, it gives us common goals.  Goals to heal, be stronger, smarter, and to continue to be proud that we are Americans.

An act of evil intended to weaken American society is actually making us stronger and more courageous, poetic justice at its best.  Americans are compassionate and giving, more than $30 million has been donated to help the victims of the bombing.  Americans are strong in mind and body and we will remain that way, it’s in our DNA.  Already there are stories of injured individuals fighting with amazing courage to learn how to live with a new and foreign prosthesis, they are Boston Strong - American Strong. 

Churches, organizations, and groups all across the country have been meeting to pray for the victims, our country, and for our leaders.  Yes, in times like these even those who don’t pray, pray, knowing deep down inside that God is there listening, caring, loving us all. 

The United States of America was built upon Christian values and it shows in the way we respond to an act of evil.  We grieve openly and collectively, we share concerns and fears with each other, we willingly and freely take care of our wounded, we learn from our pain becoming stronger and smarter and we seek justice. 

Although there are many questions about the future of our country that we can’t answer, there are many items we can know with certainty.  We know that Americans will respond to evil with strong, deep rooted Biblical principles.  We know Americans will take care of one another.  We Know Americans will pray to God our creator and we know Americans will seek justice.

Debora Shelford Hobbs


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